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Job post: Hall Rentals Advisor

McKernan Centre is looking for a Hall Rentals Advisor! The Hall Rentals Advisor is responsible for liaising with long-term and short-term renters and reporting regularly to the McKernan Community League Board on centre activities. In this role, you will be one the primary contacts for the Community League Hall located at 11341-78 Avenue. To many, you will be the face of the McKernan Community League. Main responsibilities include:

1. Liaising with current long-term tenants (McKernan Child Care Society/Alberta AdaptAbilities)

2. Administering hall rentals

3. Assisting the Board with administrative matters relating to the hall

4. Communicate regularly with Hall maintenance employee

Contract work; Flexibility a must, including evening and weekends. Find out more here, including how to apply.

MCL Hall Rentals Advisor Job Description
Download PDF • 84KB

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