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Take a (driverless) ride on the ELA

Take a ride on an autonomous (driverless!) vehicle at South Campus, Nov. 27 to 29

Ride starting point: University of Alberta, South Campus, 116th Street just below 60th Ave

11am, 11:30am, 1pm, 1:30pm each day

Places are free but limited so please book to ensure a spot! You can book here:

This driverless vehicle is currently being tested by the Centre for Smart Transportation (CST) based at the University of Alberta, in conjunction with the City of Edmonton. It is part of the larger vision for safe, efficient and sustainable Transportation Systems within Edmonton and across the province of Alberta.

The tests are part of a research program to test:

- the Shuttle’s performance in a cold weather climate

- how Smart infrastructure (roadside technology) can enhance the performance of the Shuttle

- how the Automated Shuttle will be operated in a secured and reliable environment

The driverless shuttle will be operating on South Campus on Nov. 27-29.

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