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Major Developments in McKernan

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About development

Zoning for higher density


Higher-density development in McKernan could proceed under a number of different zonings:


RA7: Low Rise Apartment Zone – requirements include a minimum density of 45 dwellings per hectare and maximum height of 14.5 m for a flat roof. For full details see the zoning bylaw.

RA8: Medium Rise Apartment Zone requirements include a minimum density of 75 dwellings per hectare and maximum height of 23 m. For full details see the zoning bylaw.

DC2: Site Specific Development Control Provision – this gives the City direct control over a specific proposed development where any other Zone would be inappropriate or inadequate. Usually used be developers to pursue a project that does not meet the requirements of other zoning; they must submit a site plan with their bylaw application and the building must conform to the approved site plan. For full details see the zoning bylaw.


Area Redevelopment Plans

Development in McKernan is guided by two area plans:

Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO)


The MNO is a part of the Zoning Bylaw that requires development that better suits older communities with tree-lined streets. The current regulations are effective December 10, 2018. The MNO illustrated regulations are available at the City of Edmonton's website.

Missing Middle Zoning Review

The City of Edmonton conducted a review of its zoning to allow more effective medium-scale housing, such as townhouses, walk-up apartments, or courtyard housing. The zoning bylaw was amended in August 2019 to reflect the changes explored in this review (outlined in the Missing Middle Zoning Review Summary Guide . Find out more at the Missing Middle Zoning Review.


McKernan Housing Development Committee

If you have any questions about a project, contact the McKernan Housing Development Committee housingdevelopments@mckernancommunity.org.

The planning process


Higher density developments often require rezoning and thus a planning application. This diagram outlines the general process that a planning application must follow.


Diagram from City of Edmonton


Note that all planning applications require immediate neighbours and the community league to be notified of the application, and at least one public meeting must be held to solicit feedback. Developers may choose to hold additional meetings.


More information about requested and approved planning applications (i.e. for rezoning, not development) are listed at www.edmonton.ca/mckernan. This also includes material presented at project open houses.


Residential Infill Working Group: 2020 Neighbours of Infill Survey Report

A survey of people who have had residential infill projects built next to or near them has revealed a wide variety of problems and a lack of response and resolution by developers, builders and the city.


The Neighbours Of Infill Survey survey was organized by the Residential Infill Working Group, a group of concerned residents from central area neighbourhoods and was open between April and September 2020. The survey was completed by 175 people from 41 mature neighbourhoods. The largest number of responses came from McKernan and Belgravia, with just over 10% of responses from each of these two neighbourhoods.


The results have been summarized in a report (available here) that identifies trends related to damage and impacts of infill construction experienced by respondents. The report also contains many first-hand descriptions of problems that residents experienced.

Proposed higher density developments in McKernan

McKernan_Belgravia__ARP-zones plus proposals Jun2021.png

Map combining ​the McKernan-Belgravia Station Area Redevelopment Plan and 109 Street Corridor Area Redevelopment Plan.

Project location: 78 Ave. and 114 St.  (Location 1 on map) * Metro 78*

Developer name(s): Pinto Properties, Metro 78 proposal

Address: 11416, 11419, 11420 and 11423-78 Ave

Requested rezoning: DC2 (Direct Control)

Details of development: Two separate SIX-storey buildings, one on two adjoining lots at 11416 and 11420-78 Ave and the second across the street at 11419 and 11423-78 Ave, fifth and sixth storeys stepped back from the levels below. Each building to have up to 71 residences (bachelor, one- and two-bedroom rental units); children-oriented play area; no vehicle parking except for visitor parking; carshare and bike parking on site. Renovation of area at the end of the avenue into a smaller public space. Relocation/ development of north-south lanes to west of both buildings.

Community meetings/workshops are being held to help inform a new proposal, focusing on the public realm (connectivity through the site, pocket park or plaza, including design elements) and the built form of the building(s) themselves. Details of the proposal, including dates, times and links to community meetings, can be found at http://metro78.udconnect.net/#!/up . As well, a discussion page from Skyrise Cities' Edmonton page is at https://edmonton.skyrisecities.com/database/projects/metro-78

Status: Application LDA20-0066 has been made to city; details including revised DC2 bylaw, shadow study, transportation study and wind impact study are now available at edmonton.ca/metro78. The City will be hosting a community consultation in the new year. 

How the community can get involved: Submit comments to Marty Vasquez <marty.vasquez@edmonton.ca; 780-495-1948). The Belgravia Community Planning Committee held a survey in February 2021 to gather community concerns; a summary of the results is available here.

This information updated: March 6, 2021


Project location: 109 St. and University Ave. (Location 2 on map)

Developer name(s): Beljan/Copperblock

Address: 10903, 10907, 10909, 10913, 10917 University Ave

Requested rezoning: DC2 (Direct Control)

Details of development: Six storey building with increased setback on west side. First 4 properties are already zoned to RA7 (4 storeys), meeting the 109 St. Area Redevelopment Plan, but this proposal is asking for six storeys.

Status: An open house was held Feb. 13, 2020. Developers have indicated that the proposal will be amended from what was presented at the open house before the application is submitted to the city. This application has not yet been made.

How the community can get involved: Submit comments to Croy Johnston <croy@beljandevelopment.com>

This information updated: Mar. 1, 2020


Approved higher density developments in McKernan


Project location: 115 St. and University Ave. (Location 3 on map (RA8))

Developer name(s): Westrich Development

Address: 11439, 11441 and 11459 University Ave., and 8005-115 Street; PLUS 11455, 11459 and 11461 University Ave.

Approved rezoning: RA8: Medium-Rise Apartment Zone

Approved on: January 21, 2019 and May 12, 2020.

Reference: LDA18-0401 and LDA20-0008

Development status: Planning applications approved.

Next steps: Neighbours approached the developer to ask for some improvements to proposed landscaping along 115 St. and University Ave. The developer agreed to make some changes and was granted a development permit in Summer 2020. Construction on the site has begun.


Project location: 114 St. and University Ave. (Location 4 on map (DC2))

Project name: McKernan Gates

Developer name(s): Fleming

Address: 11339, 11343, 11347 and 11361 University Ave., and 7915 114 St..

Approved rezoning: DC2 (Direct Control)

Approved on: July 15, 2019

Reference: LDA18-0687

Development status: Planning application approved (Job No 324259305-001). Demolition has taken place.

Project name: 114 University II

Developer name(s): Fleming

Address: 11335, 11333, 11329, 11325, 11323 University Avenue

Approved rezoning: DC2 (Direct Control)

Approved on: April 7, 2021

Reference: LDA20-0111

Development status: Planning application pending.

Project location: 109 St. and 77 Ave. (Location 5 on map (DC2))

Project name: The Mark on 109

Developer name(s): Revcor

Address: 11339, 11343, 11347 and 11361 University Ave., and 7915 114 St.

Approved rezoning: DC2 (Direct Control)

Approved on: August 25, 2014

Development status: Progress stopped; site is under judicial sale.


The information on this page is presented with a best attempt at accuracy by the McKernan Community League. In case of discrepancy with City of Edmonton information, however, the City’s information will be assumed to be correct.