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Development in McKernan

Edmonton's changing development landscape

Planning for now: Edmonton's New Zoning Bylaw

adapted from City of Edmonton, Zoning Bylaw Renewal


Edmonton’s new Zoning Bylaw (Charter Bylaw 20001) and city-wide rezoning (Charter Bylaw 21001) were approved by City Council at the Statutory Public Hearing on October 23, 2023. The new Bylaw  and Zoning Map came effect on January 1, 2024.


Zoning determines the development potential of a site today. If the zone allows single-detached, duplex or row housing, that is what can be built there. As new homes and businesses are developed to welcome more Edmontonians, the City’s Development Planners will ensure that all proposed developments follow these rules. 


Planning for the future: District Planning

adapted from City of Edmonton, District Planning


While the new Zoning Bylaw and rezoning will guide what can be built now, Edmonton is also planning for growth in the future. This will be done through District Planning, which sets the policy direction to guide redevelopment of the 15 districts in Edmonton.

District Plans apply as properties are rezoned to a new zoning designation. When an application to rezone a property is made, the City’s Development Planner will determine if the proposed development aligns with policies in the relevant district plan (and any other relevant statutory plan) as part of their analysis. They will provide a recommendation to City Council on whether or not the rezoning should be approved and City Council will make the final decision.

The District Planning project is not proposing to rezone any land across the city. This means that your underlying zone will not change if district plans are adopted.


Draft district plans and District Policy were prepared in 2023 and feedback was heard in late 2023. A summary of feedback will be available in spring 2024, along with finalized plans. District Plans are tentatively scheduled to go to City Council for Public Hearing in May 2024.

McKernan is part of the Scona District. Download the 2023 draft Scona District Plan here.

As part of the District Planning process, many of the geographic plans that have been developed in Edmonton over time are proposed to be rolled into their corresponding district plan. The McKernan-Belgravia Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is one such plan, and many of the ARP’s features have been included in the draft Scona District Plan.


Proposed higher density developments in McKernan


Project location: 76 Ave. and 114 St.

Developer name(s): Anonymous; proposal prepared by GSA Consulting Inc.
Address: 11343-76 Avenue
Requested rezoning: DC2 (Direct Control)
Details of development: A 23.0-metre mid-rise development (up to six storeys), with 71 residential units ranging from studios to two bedrooms. Commercial premises on the northwest corner of the building; underground parkade accessed from the south laneway; a publicly accessible bicycle mainte
nance facility, and  "$85,311 to the creation of, or improvement to, an off-Site Public Amenity such as parks, gardens or open spaces within the boundaries of the McKernan neighbourhood."
A DC2 rezoning is requested to allow this height, with the rationale that the City Plan designates 114 Street and the portion of 76 Avenue east of 114 Street as Secondary Corridors where mid-rise buildings would be allowed.
Status: Public comment open until Jan. 8, 2024 (Application LDA23-0010)

Updated: Dec. 30, 2023

Project location: 112 St. and 75 Ave.

Developer name: Leen Holdings
Address: 11203-75 Ave
Requested rezoning: To the new RM h16.0 medium-scale residential zone.
Details of development: A four storey residential building up to a height of 16.0 metres. No details around units, parking or design are available at this time. No details around units, parking or design are available at this time.
The site is located outside the 76 Ave. Secondary corridor, although the developer argues that it is close enough to serve as a transition to lower-density and smaller buildings deeper into the community.
Status: Application LDA23-0307 was passed by Council Feb. 20, 2024 despite opposition from McKernan and Belgravia communities.

Updated: Feb. 27, 2024

From the City: Rezoning and Development applications

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