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Join & Get Involved

Get a league membership and find out how you can contribute!


Becoming a member of the community league has many benefits, including free swim at Confederation pool, and discounts on hall rental, educational programs and city-wide recreation facilities (more membership benefits). The stronger our membership base is, the more we get involved, the more volunteers we can recruit, the more great programs and activities we can host. For specific questions about membership email our membership director.


FOR 2023/2024 : Membership fees:

Family $25
Single Parent Family $20
Senior $10  
Student $10
Single Adult $15

Ways to get your membership:

Get involved

The McKernan Community is a volunteer-run organization. We welcome everyone who has a contribution to make. Here are some of the ways you could get involved:

  • help out at one of our upcoming events (like these)!

  • bring your expertise or enthusiasm to one of our current initiatives

  • contribute your views to our ongoing issues

  • bring a whole new idea to us

If you would like to volunteer, or have an idea for an event you would like to run, please send an email to:

Specific roles

We are always looking for people to participate in our regular work:

  • Development committee - reviews proposals for new housing developments to ensure they meet community standards and will contribute to making this a viable and vibrant neighbourhood

  • Rink maintenance - keeping our rink in good shape

  • Pocket Park maintenance - beautify our corner of Edmonton

  • School liaison - build links between McKernan School and the community

  • City liaison – work with other leagues, the City of Edmonton and other groups on issues such as transportation or crime prevention


New projects

As well, here are some new projects we would like to work on. Can you help with any of these?

  • organize league records for new hall

  • maintaining social media (Facebook, Web, photos)

  • collecting archive materials

  • liaise with community businesses to make our commercial strip more pedestrian-friendly

  • set up community garden

Check out our Community Contacts to see who to get hold of if you have a role to play in the community, or send us a note here.

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