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Charles Simmonds Park Renewal


You can now donate to the park renewal project!

  • E-Transfer from your bank to

  • Cheques made out to the City of Edmonton (with Charles Simmonds Park Renewal in the Memo line) can be dropped off or mailed to the McKernan Community League at 11341 78 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta  T6G 0N1

Please include this information with any donation:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Do you want a public acknowledgement of your donation? (will not include donation amount)

  • Do you want a tax receipt? (SEE BELOW)


Applying for tax receipt (for donations $20 or more)

Complete the Charles Simmonds Park Donor Information form HERE. Email completed form to or drop off/mail to the McKernan Community League (address above).

Please note: The City of Edmonton maintains its discretion to issue tax receipts subject to all City conditions being met and is not legally obligated to issue a tax receipt.  Promises of any kind that the donor will receive anything of value in exchange for their cash donation cannot be made to the donor at any time.

Project overview

Charles Simmonds Park lies at the west edge of McKernan, at 115 St. and 79 Ave. It has not been upgraded in many years and needs attention to make it more usable for residents in both the McKernan and Belgravia communities.

If you are interested in helping out or contributing, contact the Charles Simmonds Park Renewal Committee at

We are fundraising with TruEarth eco-friendly cleaning products. The park project earns 20% profit on every sale! Use this link to see the cool products available:

Location and vision

Because the park is located in the McKernan Hip (the section adjacent to Belgravia), the project will primarily be under the auspices of the McKernan Community League. However, the Belgravia Community League will also be an important part of the process. A committee with members from both the McKernan and Belgravia communities, is looking at what the park would need to make it more welcoming to everyone who uses the park, including families, seniors, students and all other potential park users.


The Neighbourhood Park Development Program has five phases of work: strategy, concept, design, build and operate. Community groups work with a team of City staff through all phases of the project. NPDP projects are funded through a combination of City NPDP matching grants and community dollars.  The committee Neighbourhood Park Development Process is shown below.

Charles simmonds phase Apr22.png

Strategy phase

The Strategy Phase has been completed and the project is moving into the Concept Phase. The first significant community consultation was the Needs Assessment Survey that was completed in the 2021/22 fall and winter. The graphic below shows the desirable features that were identified in the survey. The most significant finding was that the community would like to maintain open space in the park. A summary of the results is available here.

Charles simmonds responses Apr22.png

Where we are: Concept phase

The deliverable from the Concept Phase will be the concept plan, which is now ready for community feedback! The preliminary concept plan shows the proposed layout of the park which will then be used in the Design Phase. With the layout, a high level estimate of the project cost can be determined and selection of park furniture and equipment can be done. The committee will then focus on fundraising and grant applications, while the City staff start the detailed design.

Design, build and operate

It will take at least 2 - 3 years to complete the park upgrade. The availability of grants should be confirmed early in 2023 and the actual construction of the project should be commenced and completed in 2024.

Updated August 2022

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