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Community perennial exchange

It’s blooming time for a perennial exchange: Sunday, May 16, at the Pocket Park (112 St. and University Ave.) Masks and social distancing required!

  • Drop off plants 10-11 (exchange for plants you bring)

  • Pick up plants 11-noon (open to anyone to pick up)

How it works:

A. Bring your extra plants

1. If you have perennials that are overgrown and need to be split (or just need to be removed), dig them up (with roots!) and put them in pots or plastic bags. NO GOUTWEED OR CHIVES PLEASE!

2. If possible, label them with:

  • Plant name (if known)

  • Plant height

  • Flower colour

  • Bloom season (spring/summer/fall)

  • Light requirement (sun/shade/part sun)

  • Drought tolerance

3. Bring them to the Pocket Park on Sunday from 10-11. You’ll get first dibs at plants coming from others.

B. No plants to exchange? Come anyway!

If you don’t have plants to exchange, come from 11-noon to pick up free plants that remain.

COVID protocol:

  • Masks required!

  • Maximum 5 people on site at one time – please wait well away from area.

  • Maintain 2 m distance from other attendees (except for members of same household).

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