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Community Yard Sale & Big Bin, Sunday April 28, 10am - 3pm

Updated: Mar 20

Are you moving, doing your spring cleaning, or just have unwanted junk sitting around? On Sunday April 28th, bring your stuff to McKernan Hall (11341-78 Ave.) to sell, donate, or throw away! Yard sale and big bin both start at 10am and run until 3pm.

Sell: Fill out this form to register for a table. If your items haven't sold by the end of the sale, you can either take them home or toss them in the Big Bin.

Donate: Bring your items that may have some resale value to the McKernan Community League tables, and we will attempt to sell the items to raise funds for the renewal of Charles Simmonds Park. Most unsold donations will be tossed in the Big Bin at the end of the event.

Freecycle:  If it's not worth the effort of selling, but could still be useful to someone, bring it to the "Free" table. These items will be tossed in the Big Bin at the end of the event.

Throw away: Get rid of your oversized junk by hauling it to the hall parking lot and chucking it in a Big Bin. Almost anything can be put in there, except for hazardous waste, tires, oil/gas or propane tanks, paint cans, and appliances with compressors (fridges and freezers).

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If we have items to donate, can we bring them ahead of time?

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