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Important: Public engagement on Metro 78 begins this week

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Public engagement for the Metro 78 project (two six-storey buildings, proposed for 114 St and 78 Ave, next to the LRT station) begins Aug. 16, 2021 and runs to Sept. 6.

Please go to (link effective Aug. 16) to take part in the online engagement. This is the main way that community members can comment on the latest version of the development. The proposal will go to City Council after consultation has been wrapped up, but a date has not been scheduled.

Note: If you're commenting on why you like/dislike a feature of the development, try to include a reason why - this makes your comments more effective.

Also: The BelMac Neighbours Group, a group of residents on and near the proposed development on 78 Ave., have created a short video outlining their concerns about the project. You can view it at Note that this video represents the views of some residents; it does NOT represent the official position of either the McKernan or Belgravia community leagues.

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