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Street Lab Survey Aims to Make 112 St Safer

112 St. north of 76 Ave.

A working group concerned about safety on 112 Street is hoping McKernan residents will particpate in a survey about their experiences using 112 between 76 Avenue and University Avenue.

Based on concerns from residents about the safety of children who cross this part of 112 Street to get to McKernan School, as well as the numerous student cyclists going to the university, a committee of McKernan residents has taken the opportunity to participate in Vision Zero Street Labs.

Street Labs are a collaboration between communities and the City of Edmonton to see how temporary, adaptable measures on a street can increase safety and livability. Examples of temporary measures include vibrant crosswalks, curb extensions, and shared streets where pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists all share the same roadway.

Street Labs are just one part of the large City of Edmonton initiative called Vision Zero, which aims to have zero traffic- related serious injuries and fatalities in the

city by 2032.

It is critical that the Street Lab be informed by the people who use the roadways regularly. The committee is asking that community members share their experiences and ideas by completing the survey. It only takes a few minutes but will provide very important insight.

The committee looks forward to hearing your perspectives and preferences, and to participating in the Street Lab.

The survey closes July 15, 2022.

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