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The construction site next door...

Spring is construction season, and a community group is looking for feedback about experiences with neighbourhood infill construction in Edmonton. If you have experience (good or bad) with construction on a neighbouring property, fill in the Residential Infill Working group’s RIWG - Neighbours of Infill Survey 2020 here.

Data and feedback collected will be shared with the City, along with RIWG’s recommendations to reduce the potential risk of infill-related damage to both neighbours of infill and communities in which infill is being built. We hope to improve the infill experience for everyone!

Why is this survey important?

Community advocacy to reduce infill-related impacts began in 2015. RIWG has continued this effort by engaging with City Administration over the past year, recommending that changes be made to protect neighbours and communities. The proposed City Plan is for half of all new dwellings to be added as infill, along with 600,000 new residents to existing neighbourhoods. That is a lot of infill! In view of this goal, it is important to address negative impacts from infill now so they can be prevented in the future.

Why are we conducting this survey? In April 2019, a major infill excavation failure caused extensive damage to a neighbour’s home and adjacent public property. RIWG learned that the City was not accepting 311 calls from neighbours reporting infill-related private property damage. Nor was the City collecting data about the frequency, type or severity of infill-related damage to private property, so the full extent of these incidents is unknown. In addition, the City was not consistently enforcing all infill-related provisions of the Building Code, which are intended to prevent damage to private and public property.

Thank you for participating in this survey! We also appreciate your help and assistance in distributing this survey to other neighbours of infill. Together we will make a difference!

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