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What do you want to see in Charles Simmonds Park?

Charles Simmonds Park (located west of 115 street and north of 78 avenue) is frequently thought to be part of Belgravia. It is actually one of the largest open-green spaces in McKernan, nestled at the edge of what is known as the McKernan Hip, sharing borders with Belgravia. In addition to serving the McKernan community, the park also serves the northern Belgravia community.

Since June of 2020, a group of homeowners surrounding the park have been exploring opportunities to upgrade the space. Recently a committee was formed, in partnership with McKernan Community League and the City of Edmonton, to start planning the project. As laid out by the City’s Neighbourhood Park Development Program, the project will go through five stages: 1) Strategy, 2) Concept, 3) Design, 4) Build and 5) Operate. Our committee has been given the go ahead to start work on stage one, which includes developing a plan to engage the community. After completion of the Strategy stage, we will move into the Concept stage, which will include working with a City project manager and landscape architect on a concept plan with more design specifics. Each stage of the process will include community engagement, feedback and input.

For those who would prefer to complete a hard copy version of the survey, it will be available in the March editions of the McKernan and Belgravia Community League newsletters. Thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey. If you have any questions please email:

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