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Belmac Soccer Coordinator needed!

The current Belmac Soccer Coordinator is stepping down and our amazing soccer community needs one or two people to take over this role to keep our soccer program running!

The bulk of the work for this volunteer position needs to be done between February and March each year for the outdoor season, plus wrap-up work in June/July. There are some meetings and emails outside of this, including the EMSA AGM, but this is minimal.

The soccer coordinator is responsible for Belgravia and McKernan soccer registrations, team formation, coach coordination, and equipment distribution. Ideally, this would be taken on by two people, one to manage the registrations and one to manage the equipment and coaches.

Full training by SWEMSA is available and a handover will be available from the current coordinator to ensure a smooth transition!

If not filled, this position will be handed back to SWEMSA for coordination. This means an increase in fees and children potentially playing outside of our community. Please consider supporting our soccer community and volunteering for this role.

Please email or contact Carley on 780-288-1584 for more information.

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